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Strong, Full-Flavored Tobacco Blend!

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Strong, Full-Flavored Tobacco Blend!

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I started with Rawhide when I switched from American Spirit to vaping at the Vaporist on Thompson Lane. I've tried other light tobacco flavored juices, but Rawhide remains my favorite. I've gone from 24 to 6 with it. So far, so good.
Posted by Fred Beahm on Dec 8th 2018

rawhide the best tabaco bled on earth

I have tried many oils that boast claims that they are tobacco blend and most taste like burnt oil or they taste like a burnt wick. Rawhide is by far head and shoulders above all others in taste and quality it's the only oil I will use if I couldn't get rawhide I haft to buy cigarettes and then my breathing suffers I strongly suggest rawhide to any one who enjoys a tabaco flavored oil
Posted by shawn nelson on Mar 16th 2017

best tobacco blend ive tried

this stuff tastes a lot like a cigar or strong tobacco. if you like it strong, this one is for you too!
Posted by undefined on Sep 5th 2015