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Welcome Vapors!

The Vapor Route is a family owned business located in Nashville, TN.  We opened our doors in 2013 with two locations in the Nashville area.  We are extremely excited to open our web store so you can now purchase and enjoy our hand crafted E-liquids online.  We hand make, hand bottle, and hand label our juices.  We DO NOT order our liquids from overseas only to bottle and put our label on them, as many other companies do.  It is imperative to know exactly what ingredients you are vaping!  We pride ourselves in making our E-liquids with all-natural extracts.  However, there are some artificial extracts used to make certain flavors.  We use pure nicotine out of the plant, NOT synthetic. We use 100% Kosher Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. We steep our E-liquids in several different ways, depending on the juice itself, to ensure a smooth and full flavor.


All of our E-Liquids under "The Vapor Route" label are blended in a higher PG for tanks using a single coil unit. The higher PG blends are not as thick and vape better when using a single coil.


In early 2014 we introduced our new label, “FOG DOG” for all-round sub ohm tanks !  All of these blends are in 50vg/50pg and 70vg/30pg ratios.  If you see that we blend a certain 50vg/50pg flavor that is not shown available online in a 70vg/30pg, let us know and we will blend it for you.  Please note:  It will take about a week to make, steep, and get it out to you. Once we make it, we will then offer it as a permanent choice and you will not have to wait the next time you order.  Also, if you have a particular flavor you would like us to blend, or any suggestions on a new flavor, let us know at and we will do our best to make it happen!  Please know we do not use all the same extracts as other companies, so you might not get the same taste as their liquids.